The NMOBA S.M.A.R.T Business mentorship program will pair a business Mentor, with a similar industry interested business mentee. There are 8 business industries approved for the mentorship program. The participants will complete a 6 week program. Each participants can expect to complete two worksheet prompts throughout the 6 weeks period. First prompt will be given at the end of the first 2 weeks, and the end of week 4. These prompts assist in asking and giving advice that’s needed. Participants will also complete weekly satisfaction surveys to measure proper participant pairing and success of the program. Mentor and Mentee will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. In addition the Mentor will receive a Mentor stamp on their business profile page with the New Mexico OUT Business Alliance.

Our Nine Mentor Catagories


Owns or works for a retail store (this includes online stores). Store must sell more than one manufacturer’s product line or brand to consumers. Not applicable if you are only selling your own brand.You do not qualify as a Retailer if you only sell one product line or brand. According to our company classifications, if your company owns the brand name on all products sold in your store, you are classified as a Manufacturer.

Health Practitioner

Definition: Owners or staff of health clubs, gyms, spas and salons. Also includes those involved in the field of medicine whether traditional or alternative.

Distributor (Finished Goods)

Definition: Includes Wholesalers, Distributors, Brokers, Importer and Exporters of finished products. To qualify as a Distributor, you must be a 3rd party distributor of more than one manufacturer’s product line or brand in addition to any brands owned by your company.

Food Service

Definition: Any business operating in the industry related to preparing, distributing or selling prepared/ready-to-eat foods. Includes restaurants, cafeterias, and catering operations.


Definition: Business investors are organizations or a group of people who give capital to start or grow a business and in exchange for this, they gain some control of the business and formulate agreements.

Business Services

Definition: Companies who provide support to the business functions of Retailers, Distributors, Health Practitioners, Manufacturers, or Suppliers. Schools and universities, government workers, and those that work for or represent the people and companies in the previous categories in such areas as advertising / public relations, banking,

consultants, labs, research firms, transportation/logistics companies, demonstration/sampling companies, packaging, and warehousing.


Definition: Manufactures finished products that are ready for an end consumer. OR a third party that produces a finished product for a company (Contract Manufacturer). OR private label company utilizing contract manufacturers.

Supplier/Raw Ingredient Distributor

Definition: Provides raw materials, ingredients or equipment for manufacturing finished products. This includes farms, suppliers of food materials, raw minerals, and machinery. This includes distributors of “products” listed above, used in the manufacturing of a finished product.


Definition: A person who organizes and manages any & sometimes many enterprises, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. An Entrepreneur can be an employer of productive labor; contractor, or services. Entrepreneurship can be described as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business, or as the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit.

A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. A mentor is someone who can advise or coaching individuals seeking knowledge in a specific Industry.

A mentee is someone who has identified a specific personal or professional goal and who believes that the guidance and help of a mentor – and being held accountable to the mentor – can help them achieve their goal.

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“A Lot of People Have Gone Further Then They Thought They Could, Because Someone Else Thought They Could”

– Unknown